Richard and I’ve been working together for a couple of years. He’s been responsible for turning around my business and pushing it to a new level. He’s created my two brands; BackFlip Performers – a children’s gymnastics programme and Katie Cannon, an adult fitness programme, as well as a whole range of marketing materials, from stationary, banners, mailshots, websites and given me lots of advice.
The support I’ve received has been unconditional and on a number of occasions he’s gone beyond his marketing brief and provided additional business support. Richard is the first person I would trust to run any new ideas past as I’ll always get an honest opinion.
I’d highly recommend Richard and his company The Fusion Effect, I don’t have to think twice,
not only from a business point of view but also from a personal level. I plan to have Richard
with my company for many more years to come. Thank you!!!
Katie Cannon
5 times British Gymnastics Champion
The Katie Cannon Centre and Backflip Performers