I‘d like to say a massive thank you for doing such a tremendous job on my new zigzag business card. I knew that I would be pleased with the result...but that is an understatement. If i were Mary Poppins I’d say Supercalifragilsticsexpialidocious – as there isn’t a word in the Engish language that can express how good a job you’ve done.
You sat with me for just an hour and got a real feel for my business and what I stand for – saving time. Your idea of ‘spreadsheets at warp speed’ appealed to my slightly geeky nature. However the layout and content were exceptional. Most of all, you kept it simple.
At a recent networking event an erudite lawyer commented that he would find me a referral by just looking at my card. Before he would have struggled. Recently a current client said that had he seen my card when we first met he would have hired me on the spot.
Richard you are a genius, second to none. Thanks again.
Kapil Kapur
Simply Spreadsheets